Humor Beats Cancer +
What’s so funny about cancer?   By Olivia Clarke Silver   When I tell people that I started a website where people in their 20s, 30s and 40s share funny stories from their cancer journeys I often get puzzled looks. Those I tell who’ve never had cancer give me a look like they’re saying: “Having […]
Despite Cancer, I Am Going to Thrive +
As a woman in her thirties I didn’t think too much about getting sick. I was healthy, ate fairly well and worked out. I was busy with a career that I love, finally started to travel and felt like I was in a happy place in my life. July 2017 my world shattered around me. The […]
Why do I say FUCK CANCER? The best answer is because it takes so much more than it gives, to so many people. For starters, it can cause someone to lose their nose hairs or their need to buy hairspray for a while. Or it can even cause someone to lose their ability to fight […]
Lost Both Parents Two Weeks Apart To Cancer | Fuck Cancer +
Fuck Cancer I am 36 years old. In the span of the last five years, just after my wedding,  my father, who was hiding his prostate cancer from us at the time had surgery to remove cancer. They didn’t get it all and it spread, first to his bones, and then to his brain. He […]
Race Car Driver Diagnosed Before The Mile Miglia +
Diagnosed With Cancer With a race in Italy, the Mille Miglia, just 10 days away, Donny went to the dentist for a toothache. Donny was away from home in Utah, so he went to the first Dentist he could find. No big deal. Everyone gets a toothache now and then. After examination, the Dentist believed […]
Death Zen – Katelyn Perigard, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor +
Cancer hit me when I was already down – I was struggling financially, questioning my life choices, and fighting depression already. When cancer hit it almost felt like a relief to have a very clear focus – just get better, just survive. Nothing else mattered. That sense of relief is an oddity about my experience […]
Normal Was The Goal – Fuck Cancer +
Normal was the goal. It was the light at the end of the complicated, long, and difficult tunnel that is cancer treatment. I was 18. I was in my second semester of my senior year of high school. My whole life was ahead of me. So, normal was what kept me fighting. It was all […]
Why Me? – Curtis, Bladder Cancer Patient +
My symptoms started with me urinating more frequently than usual and feeling tired from time to time; however, the symptoms would come and go.  For nine months I endured innumerable tests which all had mostly normal results until December 2015 when a CT scan showed spots that were concerning to my Urologist in my lung […]
Treading Water – Katelyn Perigard +
Weirdly, the last time I remember feeling close to normal is when I was sick, during my first treatment regimen. After I’d lost my hair, moved in with my parents, and learned the ins and outs of what my treatment would entail. I attribute the bizarre feeling of contentedness I had during those first few months to […]
Thriving with Compassion: Dr. Ritu Trivedi-Purohit’s Story +
Dr. Trivedi-Purohit has always been drawn to compassionate care. Growing up, she knew that she wanted to be involved in medicine, but wasn’t convinced she wanted to be a physician. While exploring different medical fields in school, Trivedi-Purohit says, “I was drawn to the providers who were able to sit and talk to their patients […]