Be Heard

Be Heard with the Mighty

FCancer is rolling out the Be Heard campaign, in partnership with The Mighty.

We are providing our community a space to Be Heard and feel connected.

FCancer & The Mighty are asking you to share your story and experiences to be part of something bigger than cancer.

You can write about anything you want in connection with your cancer experience but here are a few questions that may be good thought starters for you that will help you join the conversation

  • • What is your story?
  • • What does “FCancer” mean to you? Who do you say FCancer for?
  • • What can this generation do differently for the next generation to help prevent cancer?
  • • Write a letter to yourself in regards to a cancer diagnosis. What would you say or wish someone had told you?


Please share your story with us by visiting,

then send your story to with the subject line “F Cancer”. Once it is accepted, you can find your story here:

#Unite #BeHeard #FCancer

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