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Taking the guesswork out of getting and giving help.

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A cancer diagnosis can leave everyone feeling overwhelmed. Patients and caregivers often don’t know where to start with preparing a list of things they need. And loved ones might not know how to help in the first place. 


Standwith is a care management app that takes the guesswork out of getting and giving help. Now, patients and caregivers can manage the constant stream of “How can I help?” texts from well-intentioned loved ones (that often cause more stress) and make sure friends and family members show support in ways that are actually useful.



For Patients and Caregivers

Standwith is here to make sure you get the help you actually need (not just another effing casserole). Through the app, you can send targeted updates to your loved ones and ask for help from your community. We know it can be overwhelming to create a list of things you need and ask for help, so we’ve got some suggestions in the app to get you started. We think you’ll like how easy the Fuck Cancer community on Standwith makes your life.

For Supporters

So, what does your loved one with cancer really need? Honestly, we don’t know exactly what they’re into either, so we’ve created the Fuck Cancer community on Standwith to help them share medical updates and communicate their needs with you. Your loved one will tell you what they need (think a meal delivered, a ride to the doctor, cozy socks for the hospital, or just a really groovy Spotify playlist), you pick what you’re able to help with, and the rest is magic (aka a loving, caring community). The best part…you can help from anywhere!