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Fuck Cancer. @letsFcancerTweetMore Tweets!

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Learned that 90% of cancers are curable in stage 1, learn how to look cancer instead of just find it. Thx @letsFcancer!
Not just an excuse to swear, a reason to- FUCK CANCER! Check out @letsFcancer
Check out @letsFcancer, they’re using the F word to fight the C word! #FuckCancer
Your parents taught you so much, teach them something that can save their lives. #FuckCancer

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So you think you can Fuck Cancer, so do we
We’re swearing for all the right reasons, what about you?
Fuck just got a whole new meaning
90% of cancers are curable if caught in stage one, we swear by it
You came for the name, but you’ll stay when you see whats behind it. Hint : It’s fucking amazing

Fuck CancertumblrMore tumblrs!

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90% of cancer is curable in stage one.
Two little words will change your life
1 IN 3 cancers are preventable. Get Educated.

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