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Wanna Get Involved?

We’re so excited you’re here, Cancer Fucker! The fact that you want to take this relationship to the next level and make it official, well, we’re blushing. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you and the fact that you want to help us help others means more to us than any rose or ring. They say there’s five languages when it comes to love, but we have seven and we adore them all. 


Spread the word!

Sharing is caring and in this case, it could even be life changing. Use your words of affirmation for good by spreading the word about our mission and our work. 

First things first, follow @letsfcancer. From there, you can introduce us to your friends and family, repost something you like from one of our accounts, or tell the world why you say Fuck Cancer (make sure to tag @letsfcancer). 


Make money moves! 


In this case, we love the players and the game. On the last weekend of every month, we bring together our favorite video gamers together on Twitch for a weekend of streaming, interacting, and fundraising. We’re always looking for new Cancer Fuckers to join the ranks, no matter how big your following is or where you live. Ready to join the roster? Click here.



Your voice is literally valuable thanks to some of our favorite social platforms. Whether it’s your birthday or you’re just feeling the FC love and want to get your friends in on the action, you can host a dedicated fundraiser for F Cancer on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. 


When it comes to events, we’re kind of experts. 

  • Host a College Party – After you graduate, will you remember every party you went to in college? Probably not. But, we can promise you’ll always remember a Fuck Cancer party you hosted…and even if you don’t, at least the memory loss was for a meaningful cause. Host your own Fuck Cancer party. 
  • Throw a Fuck Cancer Independently Awesome Event (FCI) – Want to throw your own awesome event supporting Fuck Cancer? It could be an end of the year office party, bake sale, or pub night – the skies the limit and we’re here to help. Tell us about your idea here. 
  • Attend an Event – Don’t want to commit to hosting your own party? Things moving too fast? Don’t worry, there’s probably an event coming up near you that you can attend. Check out our upcoming events. 


Actions speak louder than words.

Whether you have a specific skill set that you want to put to good use, are ready to be boots-on-the-ground at one of our events, or have something completely different in mind that you think could help, we’re all ears. Let’s chat!



Want to collaborate?

When it comes to partners, we’re always on the lookout. Not to say we get around, but that we know a good fit when we meet one. We’re lucky to have collaborated with some amazing brands, companies, and influencers in many different ways. Want to see if we’re a good match? Let’s chat!


Every dollar effing counts.

It’s no secret, money makes the FC machine run. Without our amazing donors there would be no programs, education resources, or campaigns. Whether it’s $1 or $1,000 (or more!), it all counts and means that we can continue to support our community during their best and worst days. Have questions? Reach out here.

  • Money – Make a one time or monthly donation in your name, your favorite Cancer Fucker’s name, or to support a specific program.

USA Donations      Canada Donations

  • Crypto – Yea, we do that now AND it’s tax deductible.

Crypto Donations


Wear it loud and proud.

Show the world how you really feel about cancer, or give a Cancer Fucker a gift. This is where shopping can lead to some serious donation dropping.

  • The Official FC Store – Wear your Cancer Fucker heart on your sleeve, chest, or dog. We have a variety of official Fuck Cancer merch and limited edition drops to keep you or a loved one dressed in our FC bests.

USA Store      Canada Store

  • Amazon Smile – It’s like airline miles or credit card points, but for charity. Every time you shop using Amazon Smile for F Cancer, a portion of your purchases will be donated directly to F Cancer.

Have another idea? We’re all ears. Tell us here.

Join the movement!

Join the movement!


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