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Early detection

Why Early Detection?

Most cancers are curable when caught in stage one.

Say it with us: Early detection saves lives. When cancer is found early, your chance of survival and quality of life is significantly higher. Also, the cost of treatment is two to four times less expensive when cancer is diagnosed at an early stage.

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Things to Keep an Eye Out For

If you notice any of these changes, talk to a doctor. They’ll help you figure out what’s next.


Feeling extremely tired, and it doesn’t go away with rest

Weight Change

Losing or gaining 10 pounds or more for no obvious reason

Eating Issues

Not feeling hungry, having indigestion or belly pain, having trouble swallowing, or experiencing nausea and vomiting

Swelling or Lumps

Finding swelling or lumps anywhere in your body, such as the breast

New Pain

New pain, or pain that exists without an obvious reason, that doesn’t go away or gets worse over time, including muscle or joint pain

Trouble Breathing

Having trouble breathing, a cough, or hoarseness that doesn’t go away

Bleeding or Bruising

Unexplained bleeding or bruising anywhere on the body

Bowel or Bladder Habits

Constipation or diarrhea that doesn’t go away, a change in how your stool looks, pain when peeing, blood in your urine, or needing to pee more or less often than normal

Night Sweats

Experiencing persistent, unexplained fever or night sweats


Consistent and unexplained headaches

Vision or Hearing Problems

New or worsening vision or hearing issues

Mouth Changes

New or unexplained sores, bleeding, pain, or numbness

Skin Changes

Yellowing, darkening or redness, sores that won’t heal, or changes to your moles

Family History

Your family’s experience with cancer can impact your own cancer risk. Figure out your family’s history here.


The earlier you find cancer, the better. Visit our library to learn more about early detection.

Early Detection

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Early Detection

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Early Detection

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Early Detection, Prevention

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