About Fuck Cancer

Billions of dollars have been spent on cancer while funding for prevention, early detection and psychosocial support has been neglected. We aim to fill in where other charities have left off.

Our Story

  • 2009 Icon


    Yael Cohen Braun founded Fuck Cancer after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her mission was to change the way people talk about cancer and educate the community on early detection and prevention, while providing real tangible support for the cancer community’s hearts, minds and souls.

  • 2010 Icon


    Julie Greenbaum created F*ck Cancer in honor of her mother who lost her life to ovarian cancer. To honor her mother’s legacy, Julie began organizing events to raise funds and awareness for cancer research.

  • 2015 Icon


    Yael and Julie announce the merger of their two entities to form one unified non-profit. Together, the two founders are dedicated to the prevention and early detection of cancer while empowering their shared community to be the generation that makes a real change in the cancer space and ultimately improve health outcomes.

  • Today Icon


    Fuck Cancer aims to continue the strong voice and passion started by our irreverent founders. Using wit, edge and humor, we’re cultivating a community that is a safe space for people to learn, share and support each other during some of the hardest days of their lives.

"We wanted to create an authentic, vulnerable, edgy place for patients and their loved ones to find information, community and support.”


Meet the Fuck Cancer Staff

  • Yael Cohen Braun

    Co-Founder and Board Chair

  • Julie Greenbaum

    Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

  • Heather Kun, MS PHD


  • Lainie Strouse

    VP of Development & Events

  • Hanna Christianson

    Director of Programs

Meet our Board Members

  • David Agus, MD

    Pioneering Biomedical Researcher

  • Stephen Amell

    Actor, Entrepreneur, Activist

  • Greg Berlanti

    Writer, Producer, Director

  • Scooter Braun

    Founder Of SB Projects

  • Yael Cohen Braun

    Co-Founder Of Fuck Cancer

  • Diane Cohen


  • Jeff Garlin

    Comedian of some notoriety.

  • Julie Greenbaum

    Co-Founder Of Fuck Cancer

  • Stephanie Levinson

    Senior VP of Casting at 20th Century Fox Television

  • Ferry Rais-Shaghaghi

    Music Agent at CAA

  • Michael D. Ratner

    Founder, President & CEO of OBB Media