About Fuck Cancer

Billions of dollars have been spent on cancer research while funding for prevention, early detection and psychosocial support has been neglected. We aim to fill in where other charities have left off.

Cancer RibbonOur Mission

Cancer sucks.
We’re here to help.

Fuck Cancer is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit in the United States and a registered Canadian charity dedicated to improving health outcomes by providing early detection, prevention, and support programs that advance health equity for individuals and communities affected by cancer.

Our Vision

Fuck Cancer believes that people diagnosed with cancer, their families and support network should have equitable access to early detection, prevention and psychosocial support.

Who is our community?

Our community is defined by their shared behavior and experiences, not a birthdate. They have incredible technology at their disposal, and they use it to share information, give support, and help each other through some of their best and worst days.

As a community, we stand against the systemic racism that black and brown communities face every day. Cancer does not discriminate, but our health system does. The reality is Black people are dying from many cancers at higher rates than the rest of the population. While we have worked to address health disparities, we will continue to work harder to address systemic racism in healthcare and to prioritize anti-racism as an organization.